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Monday, October 06, 2008

Overheard Discussion

Here is a snippet of a discussion I overheard between a manager of instructional design and her supervisor.

Customer: So what are you doing about getting this curriculum on-line? I want 100% on-line.

Developer: This is a radical change and we need to think about the audiences' needs to see if this is the best method for them. Are you asking that the entire curriculum be converted to e-learning?

Customer: Yes. I want it all on-line. How long will that take?

Developer: Well, we need to redesign the materials, add instructional strategies, check with the IT department, add visual elements and interactivity and then roll out the training. The ratio of development time for conversion for online training is anywhere from 40 to 100 hrs to 1 hr of delivery depending on the level of interactivy and current state of content, and for a 6 week curriculum - that's a very long time.

Customer: What? Can't you just scan it all in? I thought you could just scan it into the computer. I am sure I saw somewhere that you could just scan information into the computer.

I hope you've never had a similar discussion but I bet you have...

It reminded me of my posting Instructional Design Clients...Gotta Love'm


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Wendy said...

Just had a recent project where I just had to sigh, "scan it," and write a lengthy e-mail (copying all appropriate parties up to chief mucky-muck level) disclaiming any responsibility for the project or the results.

Thankfully, I have backing from my entire command chain to the chief level that this is not an appropriate way to request "e-learning" so if it comes back to bite the client - too bad. Others are not so lucky.

Cammy Bean said...

Heavy sigh. It just hits way too close to home. "And can you have it in a week?"

The Rusty Eagle said...

An all too familiar scenario.

Brian G. said...


I have to say that at our company this type of conversation is something of the past. It took a few years but now that e-learning is heavily entrenched in the organization I now get questions like .. "... can you make it more fun and engaging, maybe look like the Sims or Second Like?" I have also noticed people are now much more tolerant of waiting for e-learning that's more engaging. You have to build a few good courses and convert them.


Bart said...

My other all-time favorite

When talking to a SME

"I have all the powerpoints, here ya go. Will this be done next week?"

Cracks me up that people think a ppt presentation ("..and I even added comments to each slide!") can magically turn into a good elearning module.