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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blog Field Trip: Cognitive Technologies

Today I thought a blog field trip would be fun. What is a blog field trip?

Well, if you regularly view this blog and leave a comment or just lurk (which is great as well). Today, I thought you could spend your time at Cognitive Technologies and leave a comment there or lurk on that site. Like an actual field trip, visiting another blog will give you a new perspective and something to think about. New surroundings.

I left a comment on post e-Learning is more than an online presentation. Currently it is awaiting the meantime, I encourage you to leave a post on that entry as well. See you over there!


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Anonymous said...

Karl, the invitation to a field trip was a great idea. And it reminded me I don't stop by here often enough.

By the way, this month's Working / Learning blog carnival is on Oct. 20... I hope you'll take part.

Karl Kapp said...


Thanks for participating and for your kind note, I'd be glad to participate in the Carnival.


Melailah said...

Hi Dr. Karl,
Thanks for dropping by at my newbie blog, and thanks too for sharing your learnings!
Lorna H.