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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Announces "Chrome"

On Labor Day, Google announced its widely rumored new browser to compete with Internet Explorer called Chrome. Interesting they used a comic book format to show off the features and functionality of the browser. (looks like actual release/download date will be today at some point.)

Another example of how different media are beginning to take on different content. Clearly the media is not the message. This is a serious message in the browser wars and Google has chosen a format familiar with kids and one that is simple and effective for conveying a message. The art work and comic was done by Scott McCloud a well known advocate for taking comics seriously and a writer of "Reinventing Comics" and his well known "Understanding Comics."

Here are some articles on the topic:

Google Chrome Answers the GreenBorder Mystery

Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project (this article provides a great list of features of the Chrome.)

And, as to not waste time, Wikipedia has an entry about Chrome...the beauty of Internet speed. Chrome in Wikipedia.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

poor Firefox... they're gonna take more and more of a huge hit as Chrome gains in popularity