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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free e-Learning Stuff

With all this talk about economic disaster, I thought I'd offer some "free e-learning stuff" to help make your day/week/month a little brighter. If we all posted a few free things then each of us could benefit each other and expand our own knowledge as well as others...a silver lining in this gray economic cloud.

If you have anything free to share, that'd be great as we buckle down for a rollercoaster ride of financial news from around the world.

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Jane Bozarth said...

Hi, and thanks for the plug! I have lots of posts about free/cheap e-learning stuff on my own blog (

My favorite new thing lately is the FREE virtual classroom tool from WizIq ( It's new so still has a few glitches, but it's already at least as good as some way more expensive products I've worked with.

Mark Viquesney said...

Free links to classroom ready and pedagogy resources for electronics, semiconductors, automation, alternative energy instructors at as well as free webinars on many different topics at

Karl Kapp said...

Thanks for the resources Jane and Mark

Zach Fought said...

Thank you for the resources. As our economic universe continues to deflate any helpful material is of great value.

This gives me some good new material to work with and explore, Thank you for sharing