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Monday, July 07, 2008

SAT Prep--Just Like Playing a Video Game

Back in March, Kaplan, the huge learning company, announced that it was teaming with videogame developer and publisher Aspyr Media* to create Kaplan-branded interactive entertainment products and bring them to market. While most people think of Kaplan as a test prep company, the truth is, they are into all type of educational content and delivery. You should really check out all the neat things they are doing.

Anyway, the first educational game under the deal will be an engaging, visually dynamic and unconventional title that is rooted solidly in Kaplan’s SAT prep curriculum. The game will be available to play on the Nintendo® DS™, PC and Mac platforms. There aren't many details out currently but as soon as they become available, I'll let you know.

You can read some of the details in a press release at SAT* Prep Enters the Video Gaming World

Here is Aspyr Media's version of the press release Kaplan and Aspyr Team Up to Create Dynamic Videogames for Nintendo DS™, PC and Mac

*Recently, Aspyr Media received two awards for their work on Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock. No small pedigree for developing educational video games.

This is a video game company building an educational game...should be interesting.

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Dixie said...

what an appealing way to prepare for the SAT's. perhaps there is inviting learning methods available to prepare for the PSSA exams. i'm sure there is a market for PSSA study enhancements for those school districts battling the ramifications of not making AYP.

Adam said...

Aspyr Media has generally been known for adapting existing games for different platforms, i.e. they ported Guitar Hero III to the PC/MAC platform. This will be their first game created completely in house.
Hopefully parents understand that this is intended to supplement and not replace standard prep classes. I also have to wonder how this type of game will be received by that age group.

Unknown said...
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Karl Kapp said...

Tech Lord,

Thanks for the insight ito Aspyr and I agree, not sure how the target market is going to take to a video game version of SAT PREP, however, from my distant recall anything has to be better than the old "drill and kill" method used for my SAT PREP.


Karl Kapp said...


It would be great to have a variety of games geared toward different tests...I think...not sure what they would do to the "funness" of the games? It would be a tough balance between the two. But done well it might be very effective.

Unknown said...

I think that this approach to preping for the SATS is either going to get a great response or a terrible one, no in between. Older teens might not enjoy playing a game that is more educational or geared for the SATs yet on the other hand some may really find it interesting and helpful. Personally I feel that anything that can help prep is a wonderful resource.