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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Art of Making Video Games

I recently heard someone say "The next step in using video games for education is to teach students to create their own games." Actually, this concept has been around for years (many, many years) and is now gaining wider spread press and adoption (think Logo).

It seems like things in the learning field have a way of circling back. Here are some resources that you might find handy.

First check out the Fortune article Computer games as liberal arts? Then check out Kids Creating Computer Games

Also check out:
A master's thesis on Bongo titled Bongo: A Kids’ Programming Environment for Creating Video Games on the Web

And check out:
Making a Video Game from Start to Finish

And check out:
How to Make a Video Game for Free

And see a great game engine and game development community:
Garage Games. This the site of the well known Torque game engine. Used for many different games from educational to "anything-but."

Along those same lines but geared specifically for kids is Alice--You need to take a look at Alice if you haven't already.


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Gadget Geek said...

It is the fact that an message can be communicated despite user choices which makes video games an art-form.
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