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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wake up Karl, the Meme has you

Ok, so I have been tagged in a blog exercise called a “Meme” which is much like a chain letter…always fun before computers, loved handwriting fourteen letters to avoid my impending doom or bring about incredible luck…the idea of this meme is to write 5 things that you may not know about me and then tag five other people to do the same.

One thing that struck me as interesting about this exercise is that it would be fascinating if someone studied the interconnections among the member of the blogosphere...research how this community is linked to each other. One could study who links to whom and if one person gets more links than another and whether or not the whole meme eventually returns full circle. This could be a topic for Nancy White’s follow up article to her Blogs and Community Article.

First, thanks to Wendy Wickham for inviting me (or pulling me) into this exercise…I think:) Actually, Wendy provides really great insights into the field, you need to go check out her blog if you haven't already.

1) While I was in college, I did a number of gigs as a stand up comedian; I even got paid for some of them (ok, one of them). So now the next question is ….Were you any good? To that I reply, “NO, otherwise, I’d have my own special on HBO.”

2) I spent all of my summers, after I turned 16, lifeguarding at local pools…that is where I first learned that I could get paid for what I knew, not what I did. (only ever had to jump in three times and really, thankfully only one was really a “save”)

3) I have two awesome Gamer sons who are 9 and 12. They are the most fun anyone could ever have…as well as my biggest challenge…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4) I was a distance swimmer in college. My events were the 1650 and the 500. Too many laps to count. I met my wife while at college because we were both on the college swim team. She, by-the-way, was inducted into Dickinson College’s Swimming hall of fame…me…well as Bob Uecker used to say…I guess I wasn’t as good as they said I was.
Visit the Bob Uecker Quotes site if you don’t understand who he is. (now he was a professional comedian, too bad he wore a baseball uniform instead). Even if you know who he is, visit the site...funny stuff.

5) My musical tastes run into the area of 1980’s obscure punk-like bands (Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow, Violent Femmes.) I still listen to these group, I have them on my iPod.

*please note, don't try this music at home, it is an acquired taste (if I can use that word with this music)*

Ok, my five are done. Here the five “chosen ones” from my meme.

Tom King
Steve Woodruff
Phil Charron
Will Thalheimer
Paul Kremer

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Nancy White said...

Karl, it would be very cool to do some sort of network analysis of how these memes spread. I'd be surprised if some PhD person isn't doing this already!

Anonymous said...

Karl, I find you can learn a lot about someone based on their musical taste - I often play what's on my iPod with my classes - very interesting to see what kids listen to - sorry no Adam Ant fans. Mike Q

Karl Kapp said...


I have to admit that I haven't met too many Adam Ant fans in any venue...except when I went to his concerts.

I like your idea about asking students their musical tastes, I think I will try that.

Karl Kapp said...


I agree. Mark Oehlert mentioned something as well.