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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

RFPs and Proposals: LMS/LCMS Selection Templates

The selection of a Learning Management and/or a Learning Content Management System is an important decision for any organization. Unfortunately, there are not many playbooks for this process.

However, here is one that is very helpful. This document created by Sherry Engel--a leader of the Learning Management Team at Sovereign bank can help you through the difficult selection process. Sherry, also an alumni of Bloomsburg University, has put together document containing helpful and targeted information.

The document, LMS Selection Template, provides several templates to help you develop a consistent approach to your LMS or LCMS selection process from the RFP outline to checklists for evaluating vendor demonstrations. It is a very good resource to have.

Another good resource, if you are writing or responding to an RFP, is Winning E-Learning Proposals: The Art of Develoment and Delivery. It literally contains everything I know about writing an e-learning RFP.

WARNING: It doesn't really make a great Christmas gift. But is great for those 2007 sales meetings where you want to give your sales force a leg up on the competition.


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