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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Learning Spanish in a Game

In addition to being in Algebra (see Algebra Game), my 12 year old son is also in a Spanish Class. A gentleman named David Dunlap has spearheaded an incredible effort to create a game which immerses the learner in the Spanish language by virtually dropping him or her into a Spanish speaking town and letting that individual fend for themself.

The game requires a microphone because the learner is required to converse in Spanish and then the game analyzes what the learner says and how he or she pronounces the words. It then indicates if the leaner is right or wrong using speech recognition. The learner can determine if they want to see the English equivalent, phonetic punctuation and Spanish spelling. Or the learner can turn off all “balloons: and simply converse with a virtual person on screen.

It is an interesting and effective approach. Visit and download a free demo today, you will then want to return and purchase a reasonably priced module (or two).


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