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Thursday, November 16, 2006

CAC Conference: Student Presentations

I teach a class called “Managing Multimedia Projects” in that class students are given an RFP for an e-learning based proposal and they have to develop a solution. This semester the idea came from an alumni, Chris Chappell who has created a site called Four student teams are presenting this semester and are focused on Web 2.0 tools.

His concept came from his memories of his best day. He describes this as a day on the lake with his wife – a good time with good food and good memories. Originally he intended to compile the best day memories for many different people into a book. This original concept gradually evolved into an idea for an online community based on Web 2.0 technology.

Four student teams created and presented proposals to 40 representatives from various organizations including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, United HealthCare, and many other organizations.

The first team was White Paw Learning Solutions with team members - Scott Paull, Travis Kline, Ryan Reilly and Lauren Ferrett. This team won the “Best Presentation” category for their sales presentation.
Their solution included a variety of tools such as a member questionnaire, tips & fun ideas, and links to blogs & discussion forums. In addition, members will utilize formal and informal learning modules. Communication between members of would include instant messaging and uploaded podcasts. The team presented a comparison of different hosting options and demonstrated their site design.

The proposal also included a marketing plan. The marketing plan focused on the generation of traffic and revenue. They discussed their “Viral Marketing” strategy. Examples included awarding random prizes, such as one flower bouquet per week for best posting and t-shirt giveaways. They also recommend affiliations with other popular websites and organizations.

The next presentation was by Raptor Training Solutions which consisted of etam members – Linda Backo, Toby Baltzer, Chontel DeLaney, Sarah Little, and Richard Price (who played the CEO).
They presented their idea as a site that would be accessible from any platform, fixed and mobile. They discussed a “Smile Campaign” which included contests and innovative ideas to drive traffic to the site. They also included a dynamic method of adding member profile.

They presented the idea of a Bliki which is a combination of a blog and wiki (thus bliki). Edits to an entry in the bliki can be made then approved by the originator of the entry.

The next student group was eElements and it consisted of team members – Chris Carro, Shannon Linn, Megan Loughney, Angie Torres, Jeffrey Border. They won the “Best Prototype” and best overall.
They presented a prototype with a start-up page that offered continually changing content. They give several examples of sites that inspired them including and

For their instructional portion of the site, they used the ARCS model for its motivational properties in drawing people into the site. The model consists of Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction. There solution also included podcasting to draw people to the site.

They also discussed hook-ins with Google, MySpace and iTunes. Product tie-ins also apply when someone finishes the training courses.

The final group presenting for the day was Train2Grow this group consisted of team members – Todd Hartzel, Danial Hoffmaster, Joseph Shipe, Kim Shipman, Walter Shultz. This group won the “Best Written” for their written proposal.
The marketing elements were a large part of their solution. There theme was: “Find what makes you happy.” They focused on search engine optimization. And a marketing game and MyBestDay eCards. The solution they offered included a discussion board, wiki, blog and a chatroom.


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Kapp is there any way for us to get some of the other pictures that were taken that day from the Multimedia students

Karl Kapp said...


See Dr. Nicholson for the pictures.

Dr. K