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Friday, July 09, 2010

More Top 5 Funny and Semi-Learning Related Videos

Its the summer, we all want to be outside sitting the shade and relaxing. But alas we are in front of our computers doing things like...blogging. So here are some lighthearted, funny videos that can add a smile to your face. Also, if you choose to think deeper about the content and how it applies to designing instruction and delivering instruction in our modern, fast-paced world...some are actually quite profound...enjoy.

Number 5: This is from my original post The Darker Side of Social Media and Parents: Parody. (pics are a little racy and NSFW)

This is in the semi-learning related list because if you replace the term "parent" with "organization" you can see some pretty scary implications for social media within organizations.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

Number 4: This was originally posted at Sometimes Its Too Real.

When creating simulations, one mistake novice designers and developers make is trying to have the simulation be too realistic. Trying to capture every element of the environment, trying to be 100% focused on the simulation aspects and not the learning aspects, engagement or motivational aspects. Here is what happens when you take a real life simulation a bit too far.

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

Number 3: This originally appeared at the end of my post Answering the Question: How Do We Keep Up

This video does have some bleeped swear words. But the discussion about confusing new with good is relevant in terms of learning and development.

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Number 2: This originally appeared in the post iPad is Awesome but...will it blend?

iPads are a great technology and hold a lot of promise for mobile learning but one question managers and employees fail to ask about most new technologies is "will it blend?" Ok, ok, I confess...this is not really semi-learning related...its just silly and funny.

Number 1:First written about in the engaging post titled Funny Friday Video about Tech Bubbles (spent a long time on that original title)

This video earns the number one spot for semi-learning related videos because the training industry tend to jump from technology to technology and sometimes we forget fundamental principles. We have our own learning technology bubbles. Plus this video is so darn true, the blue shirts, the mad scramble for domain names. It is just funny even if you don't live in the "valley" or West Coast which I don't.

What if the vendor/client relationship between elearning companies and clients needed elearning was extended to other customer/vendor relationships? Originally appeared in Amusing Monday Video (I need better post titles)

Hope you got a laugh or chuckle out of the videos and that they made you think a little about learning events...let's not take ourselves too seriously and let's always have fun.

And here is the original posting of the 5 Top 5 Funny and Semi-Learning Related Videos

If you know of other funny semi-learning related videos, please post a link in the comments...share the laughs.

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