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Thursday, July 22, 2010

3D Environment Used to Teach New Recruits

Here is a link to an interesting study of how the 3D simulation software, Thinking Worlds was used to create training to improve the Royal Navy's "worst performing course" – Engineering Safety Rounds Inspection.

The simulation helped to cut failure rates by 54%.

 Here is the opening paragraph from the case study.

What would you do if 13% of all new recruits were failing one of their most critical courses? How would you cope with a failure rate that was 200%-300% higher than most of your other core training subjects and the cost to retrain failed recruits kept on rising? Clearly, figures like these would be unsustainable in most training and performance programmes and this was no different for the training officers of the Royal Navy’s Maritime Warfare School (MWS), where improving performance and reducing cost were constant operational goals.

The solution:
..shorten the learning curve and provide a safe practice environment for recruits to carry out their Safety Rounds Inspections, prior to boarding the ship for the first time. It was also necessary that whatever solution was reached, training officers could still assess the recruit’s technical aptitude and fault finding skills during the trial inspection.
It was decided that the best and most cost-effective solution was to create a “serious game”; a fully immersive, 3d virtual ship that would enable trainees to walk through it and perform duties as if they were actually on board.

Check out this link to the interesting case study
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