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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Virtual Book Club forming for "Learning in 3D" #3dbookclub

Yesterday, Tony and I provided a webinar for Training Magazine Network and had a great time.

During the webinar Enid suggested that a book club be formed to discuss "Learning in 3D" and to really dig into the contents. So, on Twitter, tweenid started a hastag with #3dbookclub which Tony and I totally endorse and encourage everyone to join and contribute. If you've read the book or are thinking of reading the book, this is a great place to get started.

Also, don't forget the book's original hashtag #lrn3d which contains good information about the book and some quotes from the book as well.

The timing of tweenid is perfect as @mimimuircastle was asking Twitter-folk about the book, who has read it and if it would be valuable to help create a class in a virtual immersive environment.

So, I encourage you to join the virtual book club on Twitter and enjoy the camaraderie of discussing, sharing and exploring a book.


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