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Friday, April 23, 2010

3D Classroom Visit at the University of Washington

Tony, Randy and Karl looking out over the 
audience and explaining Learning in 3D.

Last night Tony and I had a chance to visit with some 3D pioneers at the University of Washington. Randy Hinrichs, Managing Partner of 2b3d and Affiliate Faculty for Virtual Worlds at their iSchool was a large contributor to Learning in 3D and has been run an interesting program to promote the use of 3D virtual worlds.

The full year curriculum is designed to skill up entrepreneurs in using virtual worlds. Once a learner completes the program, they will be able to select and use 3D learning environments, design and develop 3D learning environments, measure and market 3D learning environments. Additionally, learners gained information about using simulated environments to enhance all types of organizations, including online communities, education, retailing, political expression and military training.

Listening to great ideas and innovation in the world of 3D Learning.

We had a great discussion about elements of the book and then asked the group of learners what questions and comments they wanted to share with us. They had some great comments and insights into 3D virtual world learning and gave great descriptions of how 3D is making an impact.

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