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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GeekBrief TV

I am sure you've tuned into GeekBrief.TV before. But...if you haven' should.

GeekBrief.TV provides viewers with quick, easy-to-understand videos with just the right amount of information about the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. I've been into videos lately (see Shooting Educational/Instructional Videos) so the show's format, style and approach has really caught my attention.

The host is Cali Lewis and she provides an energetic look at all the latest gadgets and gizmos in quick, easy-to-understand videos in many different formats so they are easily compatible with almost any video device.

The site, the format and the delivery can all serve as a great model for providing educational videos to your learners. Imagine providing your sales force with product information or insights in a short video format or providing compliance videos as short vignettes or accounting tips to employees that do accounting for a living.

Just enough information to allow the sales force, accountants or shop floor personnel to gain a little bit of knowledge but not so much that they are overwhelmed with facts and figures. Over time they will retain and understand the information better if it is provided in digestible pieces that are...dare I

As GeekBrief.TV states:
Geek Brief TV is a 3-5 minute video podcast, released 4-5 times a week. We cover news about technology, consumer electronics, and Web 2.0 projects. We’ve gotten a lot of requests to make the Briefs longer than five minutes. So why don’t we? Our goal with Geek Brief is to keep people up to date on what’s happening in technology without investing a lot of time to do it. We don’t think technology should be boring, and we have a lot of fun producing Geek Brief.
Watch a few episodes to become enlightened about technology and then watch a few episodes to figure out how to adapt this model to your own internal training. It might be a lot better than creating sporadic 12 minute or 20 minute videos which people tune out after a short time anyway. And a little learning, administered a couple times a week might go a lot further than dumping information onto an employee all at once.

Thanks to Dr. Tim Phillips for reminding me of this great site.

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Heather Gee said...

For all of you with one of the best gadgets ever - Tivo, you should know that you can also get GeekBrief TV as a TivoCast along with many other wonderful programs. I too enjoy GeekBrief, it is entertaining and informative but falls within the length of my attention span which is about five minutes.