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Monday, December 10, 2007

Using A Game to Teach History

Check out this TeacherTube Video about how a teacher is using Civilization III to teach history. Good stuff. It sure beats a memorization and repetition of facts. I especially like the viewpoint of the kids playing the game and learning history. Also, having a sceptic who eventually converts is a nice touch for the piece.

I've written about similar uses of this game and other commercial games for classroom use in Commercial Games with Educational Value

Here are three more games that can be used in the classroom:


Recommended Games and Gadgets
Recommended Books
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aerogirl38 said...

That is a great TeacherTube video, thanks for sharing. I am currently studying my masters in Education. I only hope that with all the technology I am learning, I will remember not only to use it, but how to use it as well.

Karl Kapp said...


Thanks for the comment.

Earning a Master's degree does require learning a lot. But you are already commenting on blogs and watching YouTube and exploring Web 2.0, I am confident you will remember and use it well!