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Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogosphere Welcome to Ben Hamilton

Bloomsburg University Instructional Technology Department alumni Ben Hamilton has joined the e-learning, learning, learning technology blogosphere.

Ben calls his blog Hamilton Notes because the "name was simple enough to cover a range of my musings on topics as the field continues to grow." I think that is a great name and that it will be a great blog to follow. Ben is working on his dissertation which is focused on the motivational impacts of simulations and games--a great topic.

And finally, we need to thank Tony Karrer because, as Ben states:
At the recent ASTD conference in Atlanta, I attended Tony Karrer's presentation on "eLearning 2.0". He discussed several technologies I had heard about, but have not had time (due to dissertation writing) to interact with. More importantly, he challenged everyone in the audience to become an active blogger...

Looks like Ben took Tony up on that challenge. So Welcome Ben and thanks to Tony for encouraging great people in the field to join the blogosphere. If any other Bloomsburg alumni are blogging, please let me know so I can post on Kapp Notes.


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1 comment:

Benjamin Hamilton said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Dr. Kapp. I look forward to humbly contributing valuable information to the field.

I know the title (Hamilton Notes) is not original, but after wrestling with a blog domain name, it made sense to look back to the one that helped kick start my career (i.e. Kapp Notes).