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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Project with eLearning Guild

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be tapped by Steve Wexler from the guild to work on a synchronous learning essay with Tony O’Driscoll focusing on the use of 3D environments for the 3D learning like Second Life, There and ProtoSphere. I can only say that the project was a blast, true collaborative work (we used Google Docs), true exchange of information and truly a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed working with Tony--he's got awesome insights and ideas on 3D learning. If you have a chance, you should work with Tony, he really understands the potential of 3D learning from so many perspectives.

Together, we've crafted a reasonable argument for 3D Synchronous learning within the learning and educational communities.

You can read Steve's comments about the 360 Synchronous learning report in two posts.
So be on the look out for a great 360 report on Synchronous learning in the near future by Brent Schlenker, Karen Hyder, Paula Cancro, Ann Kwinn, Tony O'Driscoll, Karl Kapp, Bryan Chapman and Steve Wexler who coordinated the entire event. It will be well worth the read.

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