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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Request for input on Definition

I am attempting to define the term "3D Synchronous Learning Environment"

Here is what I have so far:

Being immersed into a 3D environment as an avatar for the purpose of learning while being guided by another person who, in the form of an avatar, is providing instructions and/or guidance.
Please comment, critque, add/change or modify. Any input you can provide will be helpful. Use the comment function below (you know how this works).


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BARTON said...

This sounds good, but I'd look carefully at things like these:
Immersive Learning Simulations


To try and figure out how your definition/term differs from the rest. There are some other acronyms that are part of the "Virtual Learning Worlds" soup (that's my favorite btw, VLW :)

A comment on your definition:
Why does one avatar need to be guided by another avatar? I feel like the huge advantage of these spaces is the ability to craft learning experiences for the learner (single avatar) that doesn't require me to undertake constant 'virtual hand-holding' so to speak. I also see exploratory learning as a huge advantage of these spaces. That's how 90%+ of my learning in these worlds happened. I still see my scenarios as being 'synchronous' in an avatar-to-content or avatar-to-world context.

Tom Haskins said...

I agree with the previous comment that your definition needs to be more inclusive. Here's my suggestion:

Being immersed into a 3D environment as an avatar for the purpose of learning where
1. being in the same location allows communicating with other avatars (guiding, instructing, collaborating, etc)
2. being in an unfamiliar terrain allows for exploring (treasure hunts, obstacle courses, haunted houses, etc)
3. being equipped with tools allows for constructing (costumes, vehicles, structures, sims, etc)
4. being immersed in a model allows for practicing (refining skills, acquiring competencies, developing heuristics, etc)

Karl Kapp said...

Barton and Tom,

Thanks for your comments. I am putting together something specifically on 3D Synchronous learning so, to Bart's point, I do see the value in asynchronous but this project is forcing me in the other direction. Actually both play a role.

Tom, great points about the 3D environment and subsequent learning. Thanks for the input.