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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parts of the Stove: Simple Tools for Effective E-Learning

Here is a short "e-learning program" I developed called Parts of the Stove. The purpose was to show how you can use a digital camera, PowerPoint animation and a tool like Adobe's Breeze (which now has another name.) It is a little old but still shows the power of such tools.

You can see that with just a few simple techniques and animations you could create instruction on your equipment or machines and have an instructive piece built with no knowledge of complex programming tools. Knowledge of PowerPoint and how to use a digital camera and a photo editing software package as well as a PowerPoint to e-learning tool.

The overall presentation is a little crude in some respects but is meant merely as a demonstration of possibilities.

Disclaimer: I don't have any vested interest or financial interest in the Adobe Breeze product, it is just the tool for which I have access. Articulate can do the same job as well as others. In fact, I recently saw the Articulate Engage program for which I was impressed.)

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