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Monday, July 19, 2010

Educational Games for the Classroom

Here is a list of educational games that can be used to teach kids during the school year or over the summer break.

Here are some games based on Nobel Prize winning research. These games cover the topics of physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, peace and economics.

This game teaches about Nobel Prize winning Chemistry Research.

There are a bunch of games on the web site to check out. Here is a list of the top 10 most visited educational games on Nobel Prize web site.
1. The Blood Typing Game
2. The Laser Challenge Game
3. The DNA - the Double Helix Game
4. The Pavlov's Dog Game
5. The Diabetic Dog Game
6. The Lord of the Flies Game
7. The Electrocardiogram Game
8. The Immune System Game
9. The Control of the Cell Cycle Game
10. The Split Brain Experiments Game
This game teaches kids about diabetes. 

Here are some simple games to teach about energy conservation over at the Energy Hogs web site. These games might be too simplistic for older students. If that is the case, have them examine the games and see what improvement or changes they would make.
Here is the opening screen for the energy hog games.

If you want students to think about energy conservation and requirements. Have them check out Energyville.
Name your town, develop your
 energy resources in Energyville.

You can go to the EdHeads site and check out games focused on teaching about simple machines and crash scene forensics. The games are accompanied by teacher focused materials so you can incorporate them into the classroom (also a few medical focused games and one discussing the weather.)

Reviewing crash scene data.

Teaching basic math is a site called Academic Skill Builders. This site covers a number of basic skills such as math, verbs, addition, etc.
Use your math skills to win the race. Up to 4 players can compete.

If you teach biology, you might be interested in a site called Frog Guts where you can virtually dissect a frog. Check out the demo. This is cool stuff.

Provides a virtual experience for frog dissection.

You can learn about the scientific process and speak like a pirate at Science Pirates: The Curse of Brownbeard.
Check out the opening screen and
 then download a copy for yourself.

Here is a multiplayer game for teaching about algebra. The demo focused on graphing. Go to DimensionM and check out the interactive algebra game.

Here is your "Heads Up" display for learning algebra on a strange but beautiful planet.

To teach basic multiplication skills check out Timez Attack.

Give the right answer before being crushed.

Finally, you might want to check out Immune Attack to learn about the human immune system. You are shrunk to the size of a blood cell and propelled through a body to learn about how our immune system works.

In this game you enter the strange and wonderful world of the human circulatory system.

Learn about the Moon on NASA's Game. Moon Base Alpha.
Cooperate to survive on the moon.

Teach students engineering concepts through the West Point Bridge Design Contest software (you don't have to enter the contest to dowload the software.) But you will learn about building bridges.
Test out your bridge and see if it will hold.

Check out a variety of games at the TryScience web site which has both online and off-line game activities.

The Grid, is one of many games you
 can play on the TryScience web site.

You can experience some of the hardships that third world farmers suffer by playing the game, Third World Farmer.
You must carefully choose how to spend
 your limited income as a Third World Farmer.

Learn about the struggles in Darfur with the Darfur is Dying game.
Trying to hide.

Learn more about Games for Learning at the web site Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning which discusses my book by the same name.

Check out Going to the MUVEES to See River City to learn about a game which involves many students working together to solve a science problem.

Business Focused Games
If you are interested in games focused on business for students, check out this listing of business games Online Games for Teaching Business Concepts and Ideas.

Civics Focused Games
If you are intersted in games focused on world peace, civics, ect. Check out Observe the Supreme Court, Become President, Negotiate Peace with Online Games

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Unknown said...

A great post - thanks Karl. A number of great resources here that I had not heard about and will eagerly check out.

I am a big fan of using games for helping students to engage in their learning - something that is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge with the students of today. My favourite resource is which has thousands of ready-made games, the ability to quickly and easily create your own, great in-built rewards to keep children learning, and easy reports for teachers to show student progress (helping me to reduce my marking!). It is free and well worth checking out.

Donald R said...

e learning has made things so simple and easy to learn. it also saves time.
I am really impressed from

Great job.