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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS our Community!

A while back I wrote an entry called Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS! where I discussed all the neat things our students do in the program for the Department of Instructional Technology while earning a Master of Science in Instructional Technology in our program.

As a faculty member and the assistant director of the Institute for Interactive Technologies I am proud of the accomplishments our students have achieved and of the partnerships developed with local organizations, companies and social service groups that I have helped to build over the past 12+ years.

In this entry, I want to talk about what the Department of Instructional Technology and our Institute for Interactive Technologies contributes to the college, our community and the state of Pennsylvania. These accomplishments show that the field of instructional design reaches beyond individuals into the community and touches lives in by helping others learn and understand. It is a great calling.

So, here are some of the things we do to help our students learn the skills needed to be successful in the growing field of instructional design and to help our local community and the state.
  • We have many partnerships with businesses related to science, technology and health. This includes working relationships with major, big-name pharmaceutical firms, smaller pharmaceutical firms, health insurance firms and several hospitals and healthcare facilities. These relationships ensure that our instructional design students are prepared to enter the workforce in the health education field because of their “in-the-field” experience through these partnerships and experience working side-by-side with people in these companies as graduate assistants and interns.

  • Sustained relationships with companies in the field of technology-based learning through our 30 member Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) which meets on campus twice a year to evaluate student performance. The CAC also provides internship opportunities, graduate assistant funding and project work that directly involves students, thus meeting the expressed need of students to integrate their academic learning with real-world experiences. The CAC also provides direct input and feedback for new curriculum directions and innovations.

  • In terms of helping the community, we have applied the knowledge and experience developed at the University to enhance the social well-being of the Pennsylvania citizens through work done with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (10 year relationship), the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the PA Coalition Against Rape.

  • We also support the local community through the development of no cost training materials for organizations such as our local hospitals and community colleges, local school districts, Boy and Girl Scout organizations and the local police department.

  • On campus we have helped with the education of fellow faculty members on distance learning techniques and methodologies.

  • In terms of supporting local entrepreneurial and small business development, the department and institute has supported Bloomsburg University alumni in the start up and creation of Pennsylvania located companies (viaAcademies, PinPoint Strategies).  As well as provided support for such local (in Bloomsburg) companies as ASP Platform Services,  Touche EDI, Keystone National High School and SusQ-cyber Charter School. Our department and institute is the hub of the learning technologies cluster within the Greater Susquehanna Keystone Innovation Zone (GSKIZ)

  • Support and involvement in the Bloomsburg Regional Technology Center and the - Greater Susquehanna Keystone Innovation Zone (GSKIZ) by providing resources for web site development, participation in meetings and events and participation in reviewing materials in the annual business plan competition. As well as active participation in grants to fund Technology Transfer efforts and providing interns and expertise as needed.

  • Contributions to Pennsylvania’s Community and Economic Development initiatives through projects with local companies (or local branches of national companies) such as Kellogg’s, Kawneer, PPL and DelMonte in support of Bloomsburg University's office of Corporate and Continuing Education through DCED grants and associated funding. The efforts have helped to up-skill workers and retained local jobs.
When you consider enrolling in an instructional design program, consider its impact not only on you as a student but on the community in which it resides. Active programs develop strong, intelligent, flexible instructional designers who can "hit the ground running" when they graduate and continue to contribute to their company, organization, community and state.

To learn more about the program go HERE!
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Unknown said...

After reading this post, as an instructional design major, i was a bit surprised as to all that Instructional Design program was involved in. it make me look at the program in a much better light and hold more of an appreciation for it. its not always about the basic ideas of a program, for example, the location, length of the program, ect. but a program should be looked at more for what it does in the community. when choosing Bloomsburgs IIT department, i never thought to look at ALL (just some)of the work they do. i am now even HAPPIER to be apart of such a wonderful program. The Instructional Design Program at Bloomsburg does ROCK!

Mark T. Burke said...

...I'll add that this year, 2 alums are finalist in the KIZ business plan competition. Myself for viaAcademies and Jonathan Jones for PinPoint Strategies.

The Bloom program diversity is incredible. From my perspective, I know I could not have gotten to where I am with my business, in such a short time without the program and continued support of the people, even years after graduating.

Thanks IIT.

Unknown said...

First let me start off by saying what a great write up! I am just starting my second semester in the IIT program and I was unaware of all the great contributions the program and faculty does for the local community. Reading this blog did however reaffirm all the great things I have been told about the program and makes me very proud to be current student. I would say that the Bloomsburg University MSIT program is one of the best in the entire country. I have completed my undergraduate degree and did a year and a half of law school and I feel as though I gained little during those to higher education stints. In just one and a half semesters with the IIT program I have done more hands on work and gained more experience than I could have ever imagined. The single fact that this program and faculty give back to the community is so important to me. It shows that the program is not out to take students money and have them spit out useless information, it instead shows this is a program with hands-on experiences and offers real opportunities for its graduates.

The only negative response I have about this blog and the entire Bloomsburg University IIT program in general is the fact that no one really told me what it was all about, career wise. It seems as though everyone who is an instructional designer can’t seem to really explain what it is that they do. Even after a semester in the program and taking advanced ID, I still can’t really explain to someone what I do or will be doing as a career. I guess it is because the field is so vast, with so many different avenues to go towards…

Unknown said...

By the way, keep up the good work!

Craig Geromi

Unknown said...

Very nice - easy to follow, simple, and working. Thanks for the knowledge!
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mmm1 said...

In response to CG Computers challenge in explaining abt what we do as Instructional Designers, I would normally say the "in essence it is about assisting people to learn" and if you sense that they are interested to know more, then say it based on your understanding about what Instructional Design is. If you are passionate about this field, the words would naturally flow through and you'll know what you are talking about.