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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gaining "Momentum" 2009 PDG Conference

Opening my talk at the PDG Momentum 2009 Conference in Philadelphia.

This year I once again had the privilege of speaking at the client conference of Performance Development Group (PDG). I was challenged with a really interesting topic. The title of my talk was "The Wrong Information to the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time: Why Corporate Training Programs are Not Alighted with Today's Workforce."

The talk was heavily influenced by the work of my co-author--Tony O'Driscoll. See Chapter Two of the upcoming Learning in 3D where the topic of the marginalization of learning is discussed. And speaking of the book, here is the world wide premiere of the cover. We are still working out some details but this is the first draft.

Here are the slides from the presentation.
(here is the link to Liveplasma , the spherical database shown in the slide show.)

I also had the chance to hear Nigel Downer, VP of Business Development at ProtonMedia and Rich Mesch, Co-Director, Solution Design and Development at PDG and who blogs at Learning Simulations. Great presentation from a couple of guys who are really thinking about the use of virtual immersive environments (VIEs) for learning. Rich made my day when he said that my last book, Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning was "as thick as a phone but but reads like a Dan Brown novel." Thanks Rich!

Nigel, Karl and Rich pose infront of the virtual world of ProtoSphere.

I was also fortunate to hear an alumni of Bloomsburg's Instructional Technology Program, Gayle-Shaw Hones present on session titled "Beyond Training to Performance Improvement." She did a great job as always.

I also ran into a couple of fellow bloggers. I had a nice chat with Catherine Lombardozzi and the photos on this blog are courtesy of Susan Hendrich who blogs at Leadership and Training Innovation

Today, I am leading a panel discussion on "Impacting Performance through Technology." All in all, it's been a great conference.

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