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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Final Top Ten Annoying Technology Phrases

A few entries ago, I asked for some help in figuring out the Top Ten most annoying technology is the list with some wonderful input. Check out the original post and be sure to check the comments. They are especially good for some laughs.

10. No, no move your mouse to the left (or right or anywhere "Back-seat computer driving")

9. Are you a Mac or a PC Person? (Parody here, not totally appropriate for work) Collection of PC v. Mac Commercials

8. I thought I sent you an email about that!

7. No, I didn't get that email, can you resend?

6. Didn't you read my Tweet? (or any Twitter related terminology "retweet" or "neeweeter". See Twitter Terms for if you need them.)

5. "This will change everything!" or "This is a game changing technology."

4. "That's so old, I blogged about it last week."

3. "I'm a Web Evangelist"... or "Web Guru" or... "Web 2.0 Expert" or on the other side "I'm a web casualty" or "I'm a webreck."

2. "Why would I want to blog?" (or Twitter or Join Facebook or...)

1. "It’s not about the technology..."

Honorable Mentions:
My company blocks_____(get a web enabled phone)
Sent from my Blackberry (or iPhone)

How did I do, was your top not included? do you have a new one? Add a comment.

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I can't use that timesaving, productivity enhancing application because I don't have admin rights...

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