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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pedia Palooza

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about using Social Networking software and techniques in organizations. I've written about a number of uses:

Social Networking Not Corporate Enough for Your Company?

A Pharmaceutical Leveraging Web 2.0 --In a Big Way

I have recently, given a presentation on the topic.
Wikis, Blogs and Social Networks Presentation Materials

And I have noticed a number of other Social Networking uses in corporate and government arenas focusing on a Wikipedia-style open exchange of information.

How about the intelligence community's use of Intellipedia.

Or the FBI's use of Bureaupedia

Or the US State Department's use of Diplopedia.

Of course we know software companies have been doing things like making the Microsoft's Developer wiki public for a while. It is called the MSDN wiki. But somehow a software company doing Social Media doesn't have the same Wow impact as say a bank...

Wachovia Bank now part of Citigroup has a wiki they are slowly rolling out. You can read about it in Wachovia Turns To Wikis, Blogs To Support Growth

To see a great list of all types of organizations using blogs, check out Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki which provides a large list of customer facing blogs created by large corporations.

Also, here is a thought provoking presentation titled Learning from Wikipedia: Open Collaboration within Corporations.

If you know of any examples of internal or external social media in corporations or even schools...please leave a link or a reference in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I work for an e-learning company that actually responded to one of the more enterprising members of the team setting up a wiki for us to share knowledge on by shutting it down immediately and issuing a fatwa on any such acts of impetuosity in future.

Oh, how I can only hope to work for a more enlightened company come the next change...

Karl Kapp said...

Isn't that frustrating...I hope that 2009 brings you to a more enlightened company as well...or you can try to fight the good fight internally...not always easy. It seems that some people are just not "getting" the use of these new technologies...if they aren't careful, however, the new technologies will "get" them.

Zach Fought said...

As someone stands on the sidelines looking at the e-learning field and corporations using e-learning I am taken by the effort being put into the sharing of information.

I find the fact that some many companies are developing Wiki's to be a move in the right direction, at least on the surface. The more members of a company are given the opportunity to express ideas, both in name and anonymously, the more companies can utilize one of the most important resources they have, multiple perceptions and ideas.

With the diverse employee base the number of ideas on any given subject could be quiet vast. This is an extremely valuable commodity for any company and should be harvested accordingly. So often to loss of the companies’ information bank, great ideas are left at after work rants or remain unspoken. This is just one of the many positive outcomes resulting from companies incorporating Wikis. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I work of a medium size company (200 employees).I want to create either a Wiki or Blog to share training tips.
For example, as a new system rolls-out, I want to set-up a place to share tips, questions, and discoveries, with search capabilities. Do you have any suggestions on the best method (Wikki or Blog) and what product?


Karl Kapp said...

Anonymous 2:

See the following post to answer your question.
Kapp Notes: Blog or Wiki?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog~