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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This Dummy is No Dummy

When most training and education developers think of simulations, they think of online simulations or if you talk to an airline pilot she might mention a flight simulator. However with the US population aging and medical expenses becoming higher and higher patient or medical simulations are growing in popularity especially when you consider that more than 50,000 patients die each year from medical mistakes made by physicians and paramedics. Sounds like they need some practice.

Enter medical mannequins also known as patient simulators. These gadgets are the medical equivalent of flight simulators. One such medical mannequin is named iStan.

This patient simulator comes...fully loaded. As the web site for the company that creates istan, METI, states:
iStan is a patient simulator based around a human-like skeletal structure...iStan also closely mimics the anatomical workings of the human body to a level of realism not possible with other simulators. Spine, neck, arms and hips all move with incredible life-like accuracy. And iStan is fully wireless and battery operated for amazing portability and versatility. Modeled from a unique cast of a real person, the skin of iStan acts, looks and feels like real human skin.
Check out the article Medical Mannequins Provide Realistic Simulation for Patient Care. It even includes some videos you may want to check out showing the "dummy" in action.

Even nurses are getting into the act. Read Nursing for dummies Lifelike mannequins help students sharpen their patient care skills to learn more about how nurses are using these simulators to sharpen their skills.

The medical mannequins become virtual teachers. They can help a young doctor know what he or she is doing correctly or incorrectly. The simulator becomes the teacher helping the learner to hone his or her skills on a life-like version of a real human.

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Cammy Bean said...

It's a big improvement over Resucci-Annie, I'm sure. But Stan still looks pretty darn creepy!

Karl Kapp said...

I have to agree, he is a bit creepy.