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Friday, March 07, 2008

Apple iPhone Opens Up...

Apple has just released its developer stuff. Check out this video of Jobs talking about what you can do in terms of software creation for the the Apple March 6th event.

So this weekend, get a hold of an iPhone and start developing some neat software. I think this has the potential to push mlearning over the tipping point and really accelerate its adoption.

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1 comment:

Bart said...

This also has the gaming community excited. We've just started conceptualizing a mobile game that would take place in our university museum, similar to the game Clue, where players are provided basic clues about certain pieces of art, and need to navigate the museum, receiving more clues along the way, until the find the final piece of puzzle and resolve a story line. We've got the technology to a ~5ft radius, so if you're playing the game on the iPhone and have the GPS software running, we can detect the phone within that 5ft circle, provide a new clue to the next hot spot, and continue the story.

Should be interesting to see what the game dev community dreams up w/ the SDKs available now.