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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Show Me the Examples! ASTD Big Question for June

This month the question is "Where are the Examples of eLearning?" and we are supposed to consider both good and bad examples as well as give some thoughts on why the example should get some attention.

I've decided to look at several different types of "e-learning."


Here is some learning sponsored by Environmental Protection Agency. It is called the EPA Watershed Academy. It is a web site that has a number of e-learning courses which are very text focused. They are not really exciting or very interactive. Here is an example called Principles of Watershed Management. You can see an entire list of courses at the Introductory Page.

Here is one sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration called Tour of the FDA. It is what I would call first generation e-learning. It has a lot of good interactions and chunks the information well.

Here is a tutorial on how to use e-learning modules. The module is text intensive and not really interactive. It just provides a demonstration of how to navigate the e-learning modules. E-Learning Tutorial for PA DEP. On the left click on Interactive Course Tutorial.

Games and Simulations

Here is a link to a number of casual games, simulation software and general learning games. It is on the Games and Simulations page of the web site for my book Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning . If you scroll down you can see simple interactions that can "spice up" your e-learning. Take a few minutes and browse the content.

Clark Aldrich's blog entry for the big question has a great list of games and simulations that you need to check out.

PowerPoint Based

Here is a presentation I did called Parts of the Stove. The reason for this presentation is to show what can be done with PowerPoint and a digital camera. Imagine, instead of a stove that it is a piece of equipment or machinery. It is a little crude and could use some interactions but the concept of simple design and capturing content with a camera can be expanded upon for a number of e-learning designs.

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint. This presentation is not an e-learning presentation per say but it is a presentation using e-learning technologies to quickly get information to learners or people who would be interested in the topic. I think it is a good use of e-learning tools to develop "rapid instruction."

Informal "e-Learning"

The best example (and I am sure many of you have seen it) is the Learning 2.0--23 Things created by Helene Blowers. Brilliant e-learning or rather Learning 2.0.

Here is a quick tutorial on How to Build Tiny Prims in Second Life. I view this as e-learning since the person watching the video is getting instruction on how to build in the world of Second Life. This can be used for many different training applications using the world of Second Life as a platform for creation of the learning.

Here is a link to a blog entry (another form of informal learning) by my friend Mike Qaissaunee called Web 2.0: Wikis Explained. I consider both the entry and the video as a learning package.


I consider e-learning podcasts e-learning and I know Mark Frank would agree with me on podcasts as e-learning as he wrote about it in his entry, Two examples of eLearning.

Check out Gordon's & Mike's Information and Communications Technology PodCast very informative in the areas of technology. Scroll down to the entry Airport Security, RSS Explained, Bluetooth Marketing and Updates

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PowerPoint for me is a fast and easy way to create e-learning courses and I use iSpring Ultra to make it flash and publish it to LMS.

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