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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Higher Education Bubble Post Sparks Reactions and Affirmations

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My post The Higher Education Bubble Continues to Grow sparked a number of interactions and posts.

First, Daniel Christian pointed me to his interesting and thought provoking post titled The forthcoming Walmart of Education.

He also pointed me to an interesting presentation that highlights what is wrong with higher education and  some solutions. You should check it out How to Not Only Survive, But Thrive in the Future.

Next, Stephen Downes writes of the bursting of the higher education bubble in his posting The Higher Education Bubble Continues to Grow:
I have long affirmed that such a crisis is coming and that it would arrive very suddenly after being years in the making. It is now very close - within a matter of months. 2010 some time, maybe (at the outside) 2011, at least in North America. Funding will dry up, there will be significant staff reductions, institutions will merge or close, and administrators will be desperate for alternatives. Not just in education, but education will be very hard hit, and at all levels
Additionally, Tom Haskins not only confirms the bubble but offers some much needed solutions in his posting Making College Affordable. He also has a great series of postings called Why Are College Costs Soaring? at his Clues to the College Blues blog.

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