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Monday, June 15, 2009

Simulations and Learning how to run a "Code"

My presentation at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center was a lot of fun. I got the chance to work with a great group of educators and demonstrate an interactive audience response system and several computer-based simulations. During the course of the workshop, we had lots of fun discussing the best methods for transferring knowledge from Boomers to Gamers.

As part of the workshop, I got to experiment and see some of the medical mannequins and tools they use to help train future nurses.

I got the opportunity to run a "code" with a life-sized simulation dummy (we called him Mr. Wham) in Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center. The computer controlled patient was given a heart attack and a team of nurse educators and myself (who played the patient's son)then simulated the process of trying to save the patient--complete with injections and CPR. It was interesting.

Helping out with a simulated "code."

The simulation was timed and observers behind a one way piece of glass evaluated our performance.


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Tatang Sulaeman said...

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Nancy said...

Very cool! Geisinger has a similar dummy in the ER they use for training.

Karl Kapp said...

Nancy, It was a lot of fun! Glad to see Geisigner has them as well. I think BU has a few as well.

I learned I would never make it in the medical profession. The dummies are great from training, as realistic as you can get.


Fred Johnson said...

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