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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enterprisewide Development Application: STT Trainer

The lesson layout screen for STT Trainer.

I had a great conversation and demonstration the other day with Scott and Stephen from STT Trainer. The product supports rapid authoring of simulation-based training for IT applications. It is designed for collaborative development of simulations across an organization.

The application allows you to create a demo of how a piece of software works or provide guided practice or even test the learner with no hints or help. The software also has a great Laser Beam function.

The Laser Beam function helps a learner find relevant interaction spots quickly.When activated, it lights up to lead the learner's eye to the interaction spot. This speeds up finding an icon, but still requires the learner to select it by themselves.

Portal showing all the course options which are easily accessible from one menu.

If you are thinking about an enterprise roll-out of ERP or other software, STT Trainer is one option you should investigate. It is one of those best kept secrets that should not be a secret.

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