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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mobile Learning Via Audio

One thing many people seem to forget when thinking about "mobile learning" is that the one universal application that runs across all mobile phones is voice. Some really inventive voice-focused training modules can be developed and delivered all with a mish-mash of mobile phones.

They can be linked to an automated voice systems and sales reps or others can simply "call in" for some training. One company that has been doing some work in this area if OnPoint Digital. Check out their Cellcast web site for more details.


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bschlenker said...

hi karl! I must say I was skeptical about this for training for a while. But last year I was given a guest account and sample course to play with. Wow! I was very impressed. And when you begin to think about the countries that have few computers, but everyone has a phone, thats when this begins to make sense. Everyone has a cell phone that handles voice so you have no problem reaching your target audience.
now of course you can't do ALL training this way, but it sure can handle much of it.
thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Cool - this is a useful link