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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Using Technology to Cheat

Here is a video that shows the clever lengths students and others will go to cheat on an exam or test. As educators, we need to be aware of these methods so we can foil them. Or if we are in a big meeting with a client, we just might want to use this method to bolster your memory on specific facts without having those annoying note cards.

Or, as an exercise in creative thinking, why not create a test and encourage learners to come up with the most clever ways they can think of to cheat.

By the way, in the corporate world, we call "cheat sheets" ... job aids and encourage their use.

An entire chapter in my book is dedicated to cheat codes and how the gamer generation uses these codes. I've also blogged on the topic before in
Cheat Codes: Friend or Foe and Hire that Kid!

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