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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Heads Down Second Life Work

A good number of hours today are going toward my preparation for my upcoming class called "Learning in 3D."

Today I focus on preparing the MSIT Second Life wiki for the class. It guides learners through the first few lessons for the first class and provides them with some resources. I also spent a lot of time this morning trying to set up a travel itinerary for new avatars to get a feel of the Second Life universe and what can be accomplished from an educational perspective.

Feel free to check out the wiki and add any resources or other items that would be helpful.

I currently am focusing on:
  • Signing Up
  • Communicating
  • Moving Around
  • Building


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Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,
As my company has started looking into ways of using Second Life for training and meetings for our corporate customers, we've run into one major hurdle for which I haven't yet found a viable solution--the graphics card.

Not long after I started exploring SL (and got totally hooked!), my system began crashing. At first, it was once every hour or so. But it got more frequent, until finally I couldn't use SL anymore. I did some looking around on the SL wikis and discovered that if I wanted to stop the crashing, I'd need to replace my graphics card with one of two that Linden recommends.

My computer is a fairly new Dell, which I'm told has a fairly standard Intel graphics card. But that graphics card does not run SL well. Everyone in my company has this same computer. And many of our customers, who aren't graphic designers, probably have the lower-end graphics cards as well. I can't require an entire company to change graphics cards to be able to run my training programs.

Dr. Alex Heiphetz gave me some good advice in terms of cleaning my registry and setting my graphics preferences properly. But that still hasn't helped much.

From where I'm standing, this graphics card issue seems like a real showstopper for many organizations. However, I realize that many big organizations, such as Xerox and IBM, are already on SL. So, there must be a solution.

How have you addressed this issue with your students and the organizations with which you work?

Karl Kapp said...


The graphics card is an issue and I have encountered some problems but not as bad as crashing once every hour, I have a Lenovo, my son has a Macbook with no real problems.

I have spoken with someone at IBM and she indicated that they have all different types of computers so I imagine for some they will have a problem. I'm running a workshop later this summer so we will see if we encounter the problem you described.

I'll have to see how the students and others are able to work with the problem. I appreciate the information and will keep you posted on this blog to see what problems I encounter with the graphics card.

It reminds me of early e-learning when many people did not have the right graphic cards or audio cards and people slowly switched...but it did take a while for the switch to occur.

Thanks again for the "heads up"