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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Talking Web Sites

One of the instructional designers here at the IIT, Pam Berman, introduced me to this product. It is really kind of neat, it reads a web site for you through a handy software application. The company is named TEXTIC and the product is Talklets.

The product can either be provided by the host of the web site or it can be purchased by an individual user who can then listen to virtually any web page he or she wants. The product also allows the learner to download the content of a web site as an MP3 file for later playback.

Imagine the could download a competitor's web site and listen to it in the car. You could create a training program in HTML (Flash currently is not supported) and then have it simultaneously published as an MP3 for downloading to the learner's iPod or other portable MP3 player. You would have an effective method of creating a script and converting it to the spoken word.

The product offers yet another method of conveying knowledge in dual modes so learners and others can access it when and how they want...text or audio.

Thanks to Pam. You can visit her blog site at The Bifurcation Point.

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Anonymous said...

Having come through 30 years in marketing and not realising I am dyslexic or the scale of teh communication difficulties market - and now developing talklets with our team to meet the needs of people who benefit from sight and sound enabled websites - it's great to read your commnets - we are now offering 30 free minutes of talk time per month or 5 hrs for a webiste - so you can put it on this website! Try it.

Kevin Thomson FCIM Founder Hidden Differences Group.