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Monday, September 25, 2006


For this blog to work, it needs to be a two way discussion between visitors and myself. To that end, this post is to solicite ideas and thoughts you have about what topics you would like to see me address in this blog. Please feel free to input information about the types of subjects that you would like to see discussed as they relate to learning, e-learning and the boomer/gamer knowledge gap. And thanks for reading and contributing to this community.

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Nicole said...

Maybe you could discuss some of the ways technology is changing, or list some new tools that are out there.


Roni said...

I second Nicole. For me I'm starting to feel disconnected from the latest technology trends in the field. When you are in academics it's hard to keep up with what the rest of the world is developing in. Well at least it is for me, I know you guys up there at bloom don’t have that problem. ;)