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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Want to Teach Math, Science and Engineering to Kids? Think Guitars

Check out

If you think math, science and engineering are boring subjects, you need to re-think the topic and pronto. Check out this cool curriculum designed by The National Center for Manufacturing Education.

In the curriculum, students build an actual guitar learning all about CAD, electronics, acoustics, general guitar terminology, scale lengths, wave lengths, wiring, grounding, jacks and other valuable information. In other words, Math, Science and Engineering. All cleverly disguised as a cool building project. And what is cooler for kids to build than a guitar.

Information about scale lengths, notice the "hidden" math.

Take a look at this innovative curriculum and start teaching how to build a guitar and the students will learn math, science and engineering almost as if by accident (but trust me, its planned very carefully in this curriculum).

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