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Friday, June 25, 2010

Presentation Recap for the U.S. Air Force’s Global Learning Forum

Agenda for the Global Learning Forum

Last night I had the privileged of presenting to the U.S. Air Force’s Global Learning Forum (GLF) group in Second Life at Huffman Prairie Chi. It was a great event.

GLF represents a collaborative group of educators from across government and private universities and organizations exploring and prototyping the use of open 3D worlds in support of learning. A little over a year ago Air University formed GLF to help support virtual collaborative prototyping efforts and research. The group now have over 300 educators, from across several universities, engaged in various collaborative efforts within the 3D world of Second Life. Second Life is used as our primary open access platform for collaboration.

Once a quarter, the group hosts an in-world GLF event on based on a theme of that is of interest to members. I had the opportunity to speak on the topic of "Learning in 3D" and also got to listen to some very engaging speakers.

The event kicked off with Dr. Arthur M. Langer the Senior Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Community Engagement and Dr. L. Lee Knefelkamp, professor of psychology and education both of Columbia University talking about Digital Literacy.

Event kicking off with introductions.

Dr. Langer and Dr. Knefelkamp discuss a model to help understand the elements of digital literacy. 

Next, I spoke about "Learning in 3D" covering the concept of sensibilities and archetypes. Here is the set of slides that were used for the presentation.

Slides used in my presentation. You can View more presentations from kkapp by clicking on these links.

Next, Dr. Fil J. Arenas spoke. He is currently an assistant professor of Organizational Leadership at the Squadron Officer College arriving and an adjunct professor at Troy University,
Montgomery campus in graduate studies. He spent 28 years in the military (14 USAF and 14 USN)and retired as a Lieutenant Commander, he served as a Medical Service Corps officer until he retired. He spoke about the Squadron Officer College (SOC) and how they are incorporating virtual worlds into their training program.

Dr. Arenas making a point about the Squadron Officer College educational program.

A look at the elements making up the Squadron Officer School.

Then, we had the privilege of touring the virtual campus of the SOC. We got to witness a holodeck like feature with different environments and toured the virtual facility.

At the SOC several aircraft are on display around the campus. 

The holodeck even had a scene from ancient Egypt complete with a scary mummy.

At the SOC information desk, we were able to pick up some freebies.

It was a wonderful tour of the SOC. Good presentations and great audience members, I had a great "virtual time."
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