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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Learning and Development Articles of Interest

Recently a colleague of mine and an alumni of Bloomsburg University's Instructional Technology program both had articles published.

First, Brian Miller who blogs at eLearning Rebel and has his own company called Learning Mind wrote an article for Learning Solutions Magazine called Overcoming Obstacles To Avoid “Shovelware” E-Learning Strategies

Here is a broad overview of the article:
If we want to take our e-learning to the level of learning by doing within authentic contextual challenges, we need to make some changes. We need to recognize that good e-learning requires skills in multiple instructional design, cognitive science, media arts and computer science. If we do not have these skills in house we should consider building the business case to either develop the skills or hire externally.

The article requires you to Subscribe or log in to read the full article. You can log in using your eLearning Guild username and password but it is worth the read and you can become an Associate guild member for free.

Second, Bloomsburg University alum Shawn Rosler penned a piece in ASTD's T&D Magazine titled Trimming the Fat: Using a Practical Eye for an Academic Process. Again, you need to be a member of ASTD or purchase the article for a nominal fee. But if you are a member of ASTD, then check out the article or become a member.

Congratulations to the authors and enjoy reading their work!

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