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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Want to Write an Electronic Book? Check Out Sony

Over at Wired I found a great article on the ability of authors to self-publish their own books directly to the Sony eReader.

The article, titled Sony Opens Up eBook Platform to Self-Publishers discusses how it is now possible for any author to upload virtually any content desired and make it available to the masses regardless of whether it was created by a major publisher or someone in their basement hacking away in an Apple IIe MouseWrite program.

You can check out Sony's eReader web site and see all the offerings they have in terms of books, newspaper and magazines.

As the article states:
To Sony, the reason for the deal is obvious — since digital shelf space is infinite, for practical purposes, there simply isn’t much of a downside. “We’re committed to providing our customers access to the broadest range of eBook content available and believe these collaborations will allow us to expand the store selection with a host of compelling works from independent sources,” said Sony eBook Store director Chris Smythe. “Additionally, we recognize that it is important to provide independent authors and publishers the opportunity to quickly and easily bring their ideas and content to a wide audience of readers.”

So an interesting development and puts it in greater competition with the Kindle.

Speaking of the Kindle, here is an interesting article about the Kindle and the eReader, Sony's E-Reader vs. Kindle: 5 Reasons Amazon Should Worry.

For me, the most value is the ability that these ebooks are going to have to alter training as we know it! The elimination of huge, cumbersome manuals, the easy access via key word searches, instantly downloadable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the ability to download updates and new material as needed are all awesome features of ebooks for learning. And the ability to have a lighter backpack for my sons! This morning my wife lifted my sons backpack and almost fell over.

Check them out:


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