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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini-Course Project

Working on a number of projects (including the newest book) but am also creating a mini-course with my good friends at Kaplan EduNeering. I've written a number of whitepapers and done a number of projects with their Chief Learning Officer and now she and I have teamed up with the folks from the 8:45 Club to create a course which is broken into 10 segments and delivered to your desk top every morning to start your day.

The idea is that you can get up and start to learn at 8:45 and then be done by 9:00, I love the concept of the mini-course. Starting the day with a short learning event is a great way to get going. We are doing our course on Designing instruction, with an overview and then a deeper dive into the ADDIE model of instructional design.

Here is a smuggled screen shot of part of the course. Look for an announcement soon at this blog of how you can register for the course at Kaplan EduNeering and start your day with a mini-lesson on instructional design.

Karl discussing the ADDIE model of instructional design in less than 15 minutes.


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retro said...

This looks great Dr Kapp! Looks like a huge potential resource for our clients and SMEs - keep us posted!

Nancy said...

Awesome! Val, Renee and I really want you guys to do some mini courses as refreshers for us older IIT grads!

Karl Kapp said...

Thanks everybody, actually, I am working on a number of "mini-course" projects. In fact, just completed one about visual storytelling. Check out link to the presentation by following the link
Resource for Presentations
Let me know what you think?

Ethan said...

This is a really wonderful idea! However, I'd like the option to get mine by SMS and watch directly on my phone while I commute to work :)

How does the instructional design process differ for the "mini course"?