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Monday, August 18, 2008

Games Used for Learning Across the World...but not so much in the US

Image from the educational game Immune Attack.

Here is an interesting article Game consoles remain classroom rarity and some key information from the article.

In one middle school in Japan took a leap in a pilot program and allowed students who were learning English to do some of their work last year on Nintendo DS handhelds. In turn, the teachers observed the students more easily mastering English vocabulary, writing and speaking skills.

In Birmingham England, the students at Holyhead Secondary School used the Sony PSP, courtesy of Sony, to study French, geography and history — working in groups or, when necessary, refining individual skills.

Eventually, however, the article does discuss some US schools using video games. So games are catching on and becoming "less a rarity." As we all know.

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Sarah L said...

In some districts, the technology leadership is so buttoned down that they would never consider using gaming technology in the classroom. They have buttoned-down budgets for keeping computers in schools and believe that they are keeping pace with technology advancement. It may take having digital natives in positions of authority to move American schools forward.