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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

eLearn Magazine 2008 Predications are Out!

Lisa Neal has compiled her annual list of expert predication's. You can see the entire list of predication's--Predictions for 2008. There are some really interesting ideas so check them out.

Here is my predication based on a number of projects I am currently working on:
Content within corporations and universities is going to become more and more disaggregated and learner created. Truly valuable content will be found as short videos on YouTube, entries on blogs, or a favorite page on a wiki, none will be housed in a Learning Management System. In fact, I predict a corporate version of YouTube will emerge just as the academic version, TeacherTube previously emerged. Formalized "instructional design" will begin to look more like "instructional assembly," in that what is traditionally thought of as a course will really be the efforts of an instructional designer to assemble disaggregated pieces of related content into a coherent flow for novice learners or learners who are not comfortable with assembling the content themselves for whatever reason.

You can see a longer list of predictions I made for 2008 at 2008 Predictions, Remembrance and Challenges

Also, there was a little more pressure than usual this year as Stephen Downes evaluated last years predictions in an interesting blog posting Last Year's eLearn Magazine Predictions.

You can see a discussion we had about the evaluations at 2008 Predictions: The Pressure is On! Also, if you are following that discussion check out Ben Hamilton's post Value of Predictions.

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Joe Mendrzycki said...


This is similar to the model I use at Harrisburg Area Community College. As you state, instruction is no longer found in one "place". I teach Faculty and Staff on how to effectively use Blackboard/WebCT. My instruction is a combination of traditional classroom, a WebCT course I designed and developed hosted on WebCT, and a series of podcasts I created to teach WebCT principles. It offers the learner access to my content anytime and anywhere.

There is value in TeacherTube and YouTube and Podcasting and all the other places we can place content. I also believe there is an important place for the structure a CMS/LMS like Blackboard/WebCT can offer. I want to ensure that I am directing my learners to accurate, meaningful content, and that they know there IS a place they can easily go to find directed, relevant content without a lot of searching and sorting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

Thank you, as always, for your contribution to Predictions for 2008!

I wanted to point out that it is eLearn Magazine, not eLearning.

I look forward to your next article (hint, hint).

Lisa Neal, Editor-in-Chief, eLearn Magazine

Karl Kapp said...

Oops, change made. Working on that article, things are nuts but it is on my list. Thanks, as always for a great contribution to the industry.

You make a good point about needing structure as well as unstructured learning. I think we are just now coming to grips with how formal and informal learning events can co-exist. Efforts like yours will help us figure it out.

Designers are needed to pull all the relevant information together.

Thanks for the post.