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Monday, March 09, 2009

Survey Says...

One article that I wrote seems to get more attention than any other, it is called How Long Does it Take? Estimation Methods for Developing E-Learning and while the formulas and ideas in the article are up-to-date (written in 2003), one section really needs to be updated. That is the section on Industry Standards.

I have a feeling some of those numbers may have changed but I'd like to seek confirmation. So, if you are a designer or developer of e-learning, please take a moment to complete a survey that will help update those numbers.

Your participation will help the field and provide some much needed update to the original article.

I am teaming with Robyn A. Defelice, MSIT of DishingDesign and we have put together a survey to obtain input on the topic of development time for learning materials for a planned publication for a major industry e-zine. We are seeking to determine industry averages based on complexity of the delivery method.

Here is a link to the survey.

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to your responses. When the article is published we will be certain to provide the link here and at other places!

PS. I know there is rich debate about whether or not we can really measure "one hour" of instruction and if this is a viable measuring stick. And those are good arguments but lacking other objective standards this is just one way of comparison that is helpful for determining level of effort.

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