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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Design: Inside the Interface

With a few modifications, this video could be used to teach about computer viruses, 3D authoring systems, desktop icons and other elements of the basic desktop envrionment all through the use of an interesting video and unusual perspective. Sure beats traditional software training.

This short video takes the learner inside the interface and allows them to view the software from a completely new perspective and it tells an interesting story with no words. A great way to introduce concepts and ideas in a short adventure film. The film could easily be outfitted with instructions on deleting viruses, selecting the right items from a pull down menu and instructions on how to use the windows Recycle Bin (played by a Garbage Can in the video.)

Thanks to Vince Basile for point this out to me.

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rkudasik said...
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rkudasik said...

Just waiting for these capabilities in the next Captivate release! ;P

Karl Kapp said...


Yes, aren't we all...the behind the scenes recording of what happens when we aren't in front of our computers...whenever that is...