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Monday, August 25, 2008

Instructional Design Clients...Gotta Love'm

I have so totally been the vendor guy in this video...

Shout out to Mike Qaissaunee at Frequently Asked Q who had this video on this blog. Great find Mike!!

I think it was originally posted at Communication Nation: The Process#links (trying to cite the right heritage of postings.)__

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Wendy said...

Me too....
It looks like one of the projects I'm involved in now!

My co-workers were wondering why I was laughing so hard in my cube. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

To borrow a phrase... I have so totally been the ID guy in this video.

As I wrote over on Steven Downes' bloh whch brought me here... that brings back memories Karl. I remember an educational CD-ROM created during the late 1990s. The client was quite fine yet the sponsors were challenging. Their company logos were to appear on the final screen just before the app quit. There was considerable argument about the screen location and size of their respective logos. Following much debate the locations were sorted and the logo size was determined by the amount funded by the sponsor. There was a direct correlation between the number of pixels in the logo and the sponsor's monetary contribution.

This debate had annoyed the IDs and the programmers and the final product had a subtle little feature to reflect this frustration. The CD-ROM featured flora and fauna among other content. On that final screen, the user will find that if they move the cursor they will hear the buzzing sound of carrion and dung loving blow-flies come and go. The sound is more prominent in close proximity to a couple of the logos and silent elsewhere.